Natural Weaves® is an exotic collection of woods and bamboos that filter the light into your room, creating a calm, soothing ambience that can be easily adjusted as the climate changes. Our luxurious range of woods and bamboos has been specially selected from sustainable forests around the world. A full range of braids and accessories are available so that you can create window blinds that are as individual as you are.

The Natural Weaves® collection is available in roll-up and roman styles.

Roll-up blinds hang flat when lowered. They roll up from the bottom when raised and when fully retracted are hidden behind a valance for a neat contemporary finish.

Roman blinds hang flat when lowered. Upon raising they form even folds, stacking neatly behind and under the valance.

Woven Wood blinds look great in any room setting and can be manufactured into an incredible variety of sizes.

  • An extensive range of contrasting and matching edging tapes available.

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